Laser Tag

Dizzy’s playland is introducing a very unique Laser Tag Experience with state of the art handheld lasers – no heavy vests required! Our Laser tag is suitable for children aged from 5 and over. Adults are welcome to play with their children.

The laser tag arena offers Day and Night Laser Tag Skirmishes and Missions for everyone. Kids and adults will have loads of fun as they follow illuminated Glow in Dark  Knights, Dragons and all sorts of creatures.

Bring your friends along with you to play in teams or play as an individual by targeting other players in the mission, to earn points.

We offer Day and Night Gaming Missions, Day Missions are popular with younger children. With Night Missions you can experience special glow in dark characters, a maze, and special effect lights.

The Laser Arena is available for Casual Play and Kids Birthday Parties

Dizzy’s Playland Laser Tag Arena

  • The Laser Tag Arena is designed for aged children 5 years old and over. Parents are welcome to join in with their children.
  • Our Lasers are the newest technology has to offer, and do not require vests, which makes it easy for young children to move around. The lasers are tagged by aiming at the opponent’s laser. Each laser is equipped with its own scoring mechanism. Please note – Socks must be worn at all times.
  • We have Day Laser Missions, preferred by our young gamers, who may not like the dark, and we have a Night option, with an experience not to be missed for brave hearts.
  • Each Mission is for 10 minutes. Extra continuous missions can be pre-purchased to avoid any breaks.
  • The Laser Arena is available for Casual Play and Birthday Parties.