Party Booking Finalisation


It’s getting really close to your party!

To view our Adult platters selections please open the Adult Platters Selections tab.

To view our room theme pictures, please open the Party Backdrop Theme tab. Please select three themes in accordance to your 1st, 2nd or 3rd preference. We will try our best to ensure that you’ll get your preference, or we will call you to discuss.

Please note that we will need to have this form finalised by Thursday the week of the party. Forms submitted later, might not have all availabilities anymore.  We will give you a call or an email on Thursday or Friday to finalise payments.

Looking forward to host your party!

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Sandwich Platter

Mix of White, Whole meal & multigrain bread cut into triangles. Leg Ham & mustard, chicken and vegetarian.

Fresh Fruit Platter

A selection of seasonal fruits like watermelon, pineapple, rock melon, strawberries, grapes etc.

Cheese and Crackers Platter

A selection of cheddar, brie and blue cheese served with toasted Turkish bread and strawberries

Hot Food Platter

Quiches, mini gourmet pies, vegetarian pasties and sausage rolls

Veggie sticks and dip platter

A selection of celery, carrot, cucumber and capsicum served with three dips – Humus, tzatki and sun dried tomato. Served with Toasted Turkish bread

Desert Platter

A selection of muffins, mini choc mud cake, apple crumple, mini citrus tarts and biscuits (may chance depending on availability)

Wedges Platter

Served with sour cream and sweet chilli

Asian Platter

Mini Samosa, dim sim, calamari rings, prawn, spring rolls

Chicken Feast Platter

Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Kev, Chicken Balls, Potato Balls, Onion Ring served with aioli and Tomato Sauce


Can I bring my own Cake

Yes – You can bring your own “Nut free” cake

Can I bring my own decorations for the party room

Yes – You have the party room for 1:30 hours (except café party), you can certainly bring your own decorations, however, please do not stick anything on the wall. Please clear the room with all decoration after the party.

Please visit our website for current Party time slots, generally party start time are from 10AM, 12PM, 2PM(Saturday – Sunday) & 3:45PM(Saturday Only)

Do café party have to start on Dizzy’s Castle pre-defined party slots

No – Since we do not provide room for café party you can choose you start time.
Please let us know while providing party information the start time so the table would be ready.

Can I bring my Entertainers for the Party

Yes – we allow entertainer for your party, you can bring face painting artist or any theme entertainer like fairy, pirate, Spiderman, superman etc.

Can I come early to decorate my room

Yes – Please check with us or email a day before your party, if there is no party before your party you may come and decorate the room as early as 2 hours.

Can I bring Balloons for my party

Yes (No Helium balloons) – We do not allow helium balloons especially during winter season as it can interfere with our heating system. It can damage the Heating filament.

Can I bring my own camera to take party photos

Yes – You can bring camera for private party photos, for any commercial photo-shoot please seek prior permission from Management.
Take care of you belonging as Management will not be responsible for any loss or damage

Can I bring my Lolly bags or return gifts

Yes – Please check your package details, we provide lolly bags & free weekend return vouchers for few packages, you can bring your own and can combine with our bags.

Can I bring my own food , drink or Platter for my adult guest

No – We STRICTLY do not allow outside food or Drink

Why Dizzy’s needs exact no of kids attending the party few days earlier when I am not sure how many will attend the party

We start preparing for parties 1-2 days before the parties. We will prepare for the no of kids you have advice and they would be billed to account.

If they do not attend the party it will still be billed as it has already incurred the cost to us.

We allow no of attending kids to be changed until Friday Morning for weekend parties.

We will also require their names to allow them free entry to the Centre.

Are Sibling accompanying with the guest child attending party be charged.

Yes – being a Play Centre any child entering the Centre would be charged, If they are listed in the party attendance sheet then they would be served with the food and entry is included in party price.

Siblings or friends not listed in party sheet would be charged our entry price.

Please check our website for the entry price by day and age of the child.

I want few children to just attend the party but don’t want the food for them.

The best way is to list those children in the party information sheet emailed a week before your party. Clearly mention them as entry only. We will list them in party attendance sheet as entry only and will not server food. The entry price would be charged to your account. Please check our website for the entry price by day and age of the child.

How long the “Dizzy the Dragon” Stays with the kids

Dizzy stays with the kid for approx. 10-15 mins, we try to bring out Dizzy during the cake cutting. Talk to your host if you want dizzy to come earlier or later

Few kids in the party have special dietary requirement, can dizzy cater for them

Yes – We cater for different dietary requirements; please mention while emailing the party information, we will call you if we need more information or can’t server for specific requirement.

Few kids attending the party are vegetarian or require gluten free bread. Can dizzy cater for them

Yes – We cater for different dietary requirements; please mention while emailing the party information, we will call you if we need more information.
We can part serve with special requirement while serving the normal food to rest of the kids.

I understand dizzy provides choice between Franks, Nuggets. Can I get Nuggets and Franks. Does it cost extra

Yes – You can add extra items to your package. Please visit our website under Parties – > “Choose Extra” for the prices.

Will the exclusive host do activities for the kids

No – Activities are part of our Package 4 – Ultimate Theme Party.
If you have requested “Exclusive Host” for your party, one staff member will be dedicated to your party during the party time to take all your orders and attendant to party guest apart from serving the food for kids.

I have booked Package 2 – everyday Party can I change it to Package 2 & Platter Combo deal

No – We don’t allow changing package 2 booking to combo booking. Combo deal discount is available at time of booking only.

I have booked Package 3 – Fantasy Party can I change it to Package 3 & Platter Combo deal

No – We don’t allow changing package 3 booking to combo booking. Combo deal discount is available at time of booking only.

I have booked “Package 2 – everyday Party” or “Package 3 – Fantasy Party” can I combine it with Package 4 Platter deal

No – Package 4 Platter combo deal is only Available if you have booked Package 4 – Ultimate Theme Party

I have booked Package 2 and want to upgrade to Package 3 or Package 4

Yes – We allow upgrading to Package 3 or Package 4. Please advise us at least 5 day before the party date. Especially if you want to upgrade to package 4 as it requires an extra staff member as it comes with “Exclusive Host”

I have booked Package 4 and want to downgrade to Package 3 or Package 2

Yes – We allow downgrade to Package 3 or Package 2. Please advise us at least 10 day before the party date.
If downgraded within 10 days of party date, $50 surcharge will apply.

Can I stay in the centre after the party

Yes – After party we request you to move to available table in the café and to vacant the party room, so we can arrange for next party.

You and your guest can stay in the centre during business operation hours.
Please visit our website for Business Opening/Closing hours



Please take time to read the Dizzy’s Playland Terms & Conditions and constitute acceptance that you understand how Dizzy’s Playland operates and your responsibilities for your guests’ and children’s’ safety.

  1. All deposits for a party booking are non-refundable. On receipt of your deposit, however, it is possible to change your date and time of your party if possible. However any re-scheduling should be done 7 days before the party date.
  2. Your final party details need to be confirmed 3 days prior to your party date by providing us with any food or drinks requirements. We will also discuss items you will need to provide.
  3. The remaining account must be paid in full at the end of the party. We recommend you arrive at least 10 minutes before the booked party time to finalise your party requirements and greet your guests.
  4. You are welcome to arrange the tables and chairs and add decorations in your allocated room (please do not stick anything on the wall) to suit your requirements but all furniture must be returned to its original position and decorations and any rubbish removed before you leave.
  5. Party room is available for 1.5 Hours, you will be asked to vacant the room after the party.
  6. For safety and hygiene, all children are required to wear socks at all times.
  7. For everyone’s safety you and your guests are required to obey and comply with all signs displayed throughout Dizzy’s Playland, including our general conditions of entry.
  8. It is the sole responsibility of the parents or career, to actively supervise their children at all times.
  9. In order to comply with Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations only food or beverages purchased on these premises may be consumed within the centre.
  10. No food is allowed in any of the play area.
  11. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to ensure the health and safety of other patrons and staff.
  12. Patrons are expected to behave in an appropriate manner that does not cause disruption or offence to other persons.
  13. It is a condition of entry that all persons accept full responsibility for any damage or loss, however arising.
  14. Management, staff and Dizzy’s Playland and Cafe and any of its officers, directors and employees are neither responsible nor liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered by any persons.
  15. If any patrons are requested to leave by a staff member, for breaching these conditions of entry, they must do so and are not entitled to any refund.
  16. Smoking is prohibited within the centre and the parking area.
  17. Dizzy’s Playland is not a Nut Safe play centre, parents with children who have food allergies are urged to monitor what their children eat as food that may cause an allergic reaction, including nuts.
  18. Toddler area is available for kids under 5 years, elder children will be asked to leave the Toddler area. If you have any concern Please talks to Dizzy’s staff.