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Celebrate your Child’s Party with us!

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Celebrate your child’s birthday with us for no stress and no mess! With 5 large party rooms (one is a disco with a stage!) and 20+ backdrop themes to choose from, you’ll be sure to throw a dream birthday party for your child.

Party package includes:

  • 10 children for weekend/school holiday parties and 5 children for mini weekdays parties
  • Invitations
  • 1.5 Hours in Private Themed Room and unlimited play time!
  • 2 FREE coffees for the Birthday Parents when shown Facebook check-in & Facebook page like
  • A FREE return visit for Birthday Child

To make your child’s party even more unforgettable and easy, we’ve also got these add-ons!

  • Face Painting & Balloons
  • A visit from one of our mascot, Dizzy’s the dragon or Olaf
  • Adult Platters
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • and more!

Just add them to your selection when you book your party with us!

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Party Packages

Add on prices are available in the booking system.

Weekdays Packages

Weekdays package is for 5 children, extra children are at an additional price.

Mini Laser Party

  • 1 round of Laser Tag Game
  • Fairy Bread
  • Bottomless Cordial
  • Hot Chips
  • Cheezels or similar
  • 2 choices of hot food
  • additional child is $18/child

Weekend/School Holiday Packages

Weekend package is for 10 children, extra children are at an additional price.

Basic Party

  • Fairy Bread
  • Bottomless Cordial
  • Hot Chips
  • Cheezels or similar
  • 2 choices of Hot Food
  • additional child is $20/child

Book Now!

Please check out our Party rooms, Backdrop Selection, and Adult Platters on the side to make sure that you know your preference before making your booking.

Also, please make sure that you have read and agreed to our party and entrance terms and conditions prior to booking, as any party bookings are bound to it.

You can also use this form to check for our availabilities.


Please take time to read the Dizzy’s Playland Terms & Conditions and constitute acceptance that you understand how Dizzy’s Playland operates and your responsibilities for your guests’ and children’s safety.


  1. All deposits for a party booking are non-refundable. A deposit of $100 is required in order to book a party. On receipt of your deposit, however, it is possible to change your date and time of your party if possible. However, any re-scheduling should be done 14 days before the party date.
  2. To ensure that we will be able to prepare food and allocate the right amount of staff, We will give you a call to finalise party details 2 days prior to the party date for weekdays parties, or by the Wednesday prior to the party date for weekend parties. Please have your food or drinks requirements and minimum confirmed guest numbers ready by then. The balance of the party is due on this date.  Any further charges such as an open tab on the day of the party or additional food and unexpected guests on the day of the party are to be paid in full at the end of the party.
  3. We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before the booked party time to advise us of any changes and extra party requirements and greet your guests.  You are able to arrive a lot sooner than you booked time slot. However please bare in mind that your party room and reserve tables are only available at your booked party time.
  4. You are welcome to re-arrange the tables and chairs and add decorations in your allocated party room (please do not stick anything on the wall) to suit your requirements, but all furniture must be returned to its original position at the end of the party. Decorations and any rubbish must be removed before you leave.
  5. The party room is available for 1.5 hours; you will be asked to vacate the room after the party but you are welcome to remain in the centre for longer. All reserve tables are also only available for this duration of timeslot. Please call us to book an extra time slot ($70) if you wish to use the party room for a longer time period.
  6. For safety and hygiene, all children are required to wear socks at all times.
  7. For everyone’s safety, you and your guests are required to obey and comply with all signs displayed throughout Dizzy’s Playland, including our general conditions of entry.
  8. It is the sole responsibility of the parents or career, to actively supervise their children at all times.
  9. Apart from birthday cake, only food and beverages purchased on these premises may be consumed within the centre.
  10. Dizzy’s Playland is not a Nut Safe play centre. Parents with children who have food allergies are urged to monitor what their children eat as food containing nuts may cause an allergic reaction.
  11. Unfortunately, sometimes unforeseen circumstances happens. Although we will try our best to avoid this, however we reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule any party bookings and will fully refund the deposit if this is the case.


  1. Our centre caters for children up to 11 year old. Older children are not permitted to use the play equipments.
  2. It is the sole responsibility of the parents or guardians to provide supervision of their children at all times. At no time is a parent or guardian to leave the premises without their child or children.
  3. Parents/guardians acknowledge that using the equipment has its inherent risks. Staff will do their best to ensure that play is conducted in a safe and enjoyable manner for all. However to the extent permissible by law, Dizzy’s Playland excludes all liability for injuries that occur on the premises.
  4. Alcohol is not allowed on the premises. Any person who appears intoxicated, or is consuming alcohol on the premises will be asked to leave.
  5. Strictly no outside food or drink, unless that food is baby milk/food, allergy intolerance type of food, private hall hire or birthday cake.
  6. Bare feet and shoes are not permitted on the play equipment.
  7. No food or drinks in the play area.
  8. Patrons are required to obey and comply with all directions by staff and signage in relation to the use of the facility.
  9. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to ensure the health and safety of other patrons and staff.
  10. Patrons are expected to behave in an appropriate manner that does not cause disruption or offense to other patrons and towards Dizzy’s Playland staff member.
  11. Dizzy’s Playland strictly does not condone any abusive behaviour toward our staff or other patron member.
  12. As a public place, patrons must be aware of their own belongings. Management is not responsible for any damage or loss suffered by any person.
  13. If any patrons are requested to leave by a staff member for breaching these conditions of entry they must do so and are not entitled to any refund.
  14. Smoking is prohibited within the centre and its parking space.
  15. By entering Dizzy’s Playland you and (and on behalf of all accompanying children) agree to abide and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Can I bring my own Cake

Yes – You can bring your own cake

Do you cut my Cake?
We will clear the party room, and get you set up to cut the cake. We will get you a knive, cuttleries, and plates. However we do not cut your cake for you. The reason for this is because a lot of cakes are delicate and have to be cut to make sure that there’s enough cakes for all your guests, and we would hate if we make a mistake and ruin it for you.

Can I bring my own decorations for the party room

Yes – You have the party room for 1:30 hours (except café party), you can certainly bring your own decorations, however, please do not stick anything on the wall. Please clear the room with all decoration after the party.

Please visit our website for current Party time slots, generally party start time are from 10AM, 12PM, 2PM & 3:45PM(Saturday Only)

Do café party have to start on Dizzy’s Castle pre-defined party slots

No – Since we do not provide room for café party you can choose your start time.
Please let us know while providing party information the start time so the table would be ready.

Can I bring my Entertainers for the Party

Yes – we allow entertainer for your party, you can bring face painting artist or any theme entertainer like fairy, pirate, Spiderman, superman etc.

Can I come early to decorate my room

Yes – Please check with us or email a day before your party, if there is no party before your party you may come and decorate the room as early as 1 hour.

However, please bare in mind, that if there is a party prior to your time slot, your party room and your adult table reservation is only available at your booked time slot.

Can I bring Balloons for my party

Yes – However, Helium balloons can interfere with our heating system. It can damage the Heating filament.

So please make sure that you bring back any balloons that you brought into the centre.

Can I bring my own camera to take party photos

Yes – You can bring camera for private party photos, for any commercial photo-shoot please seek prior permission from Management. Please take care of your belonging as Management will not be responsible for any loss or damage

Can I bring my Lolly bags or return gifts


Can I bring my own food , drink or Platter for my adult guest

Other than allergy-related food and birthday cake, we STRICTLY do not allow outside food or drink.

Why does Dizzy’s need to know the number of children attending the party a few days earlier when I am not sure how many will attend the party

To ensure the smoothness of your party, we usually start preparing 1-2 days before the parties. We shop and prepare the food based on the number of kids you have booked for. If they do not attend the party it will still be billed as it has already incurred the cost to us.

We allow the number of attending kids to be changed until the Wednesday morning for weekend parties, or 3 days prior for weekdays parties. We will also require their names to allow them free entry to the centre.

Are siblings that accompany the guest child attending the party be charged?

Yes – being a Play Centre any child entering the centre would be charged. If they are listed in the party attendance sheet then they would be served with the food and entry is included in party price.

Siblings or friends not listed in party sheet will be charged our entry price. Please check our website for the entry price by day and age of the child.

I want some children to just attend the party but don’t want the food for them.

The best way is to list those children in the party information sheet emailed a week before your party. Clearly mention them as entry only. We will list them in party attendance sheet as entry only and will not serve food. The entry price would be charged to your account. Please check our website for the entry price by day and age of the child.

How long will the “Dizzy the Dragon” or “Olaf” stays with the kids

Mascots stays in the party room for approx. 10-15 minutes.

Some of the party guest have a special dietary requirement, can dizzy cater for them?

We will try to cater for different dietary requirements; please mention while filling the form, we will call you if we need more information or can’t serve for specific requirement.

Can I get extra food for the children

Yes – You can add extra food to your package. They cost $2/child/item.

Can I stay in the centre after the party

Yes – After party we request you to move to available table in the café and to vacant the party room, so we can arrange for next party.

You and your guest can stay in the centre during business operation hours. Please visit our website for Business Opening/Closing hours