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Wedges platter is $35, all other platters are $45. Platters can feed approximately 6-10 people.


Sandwich Platter

An assortment of sandwiches cut into triangles. Can be  made Vegetarian.

Fresh Fruit Platter

A selection of seasonal fruits like watermelon, pineapple, rock melon, strawberries, grapes etc.

Cheese and Crackers Platter

A selection of Cream Cheese, Brie and Blue Cheese served with crackers, grapes and/or strawberries (content might vary depending on the season and fruit availability).

Hot Food Platter

A selection of Hot Tasty Food served with Tomato Sauce (Party pies, Vegetarian Pasties and Sausage Rolls – content might vary depending on availability). Can be  made Vegetarian.

Veggie Sticks and Dip Platter

A selection of Fresh Vegetable Sticks and Rice Crackes served with Dips.

Asian Platter

A selection of mini samosas, dim sims, calamari rings, prawn bites, and spring rolls (content might vary depending on availability).

Chicken Feast Platter

A selection of chicken nuggets, chicken kiev, chicken balls, and/or chicken tender served with tomato sauce (content might vary depending on availability).

Dessert Platter

A selection of muffins and slices (content might vary depending on availability).

Wedges Platter

Served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.